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Today I feel broken. The kind that a chocolate or the best pizza in the world can't fix. Sometimes it is hard to get up. I was listening to a song today that made me cry. The chorus part said that better days are yet to come, I am not sure about it anymore. But I have to believe it, what choice do I have. I have to be strong for my kids and for myself, I cannot give up although it seems easier. When you have lost it all, your dignity, your sense of self worth it is important to realise that this is shitty time but this is not the end. Being broken is good, I now it sounds like bullshit but it is.

For those that exercise, like myself, a hard session of CrossFit tests your endurance and makes you sweat perviously. Rocking up for a session is 90% of the session, the other 10% is for your body and healthy mind. The results - muscles, toned body and reduced fat percentages does not show overnight. It takes session after session and discipline to get there.

Why am I mentioning this? I see mental growth as the same. It takes pitching up every day. Swallow your pride and the labels others put on you. It is hard, damn hard. You might feel like you are going nowhere and all is lost but just by pitching every day waking up and trying to be the best version of yourself will pay off. Maybe not visible today but one day. And on that day you will look back with pride at what you have accomplished and become. You can do it! And so will I.

We are in this together.

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