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Learn a new skill

I only realised a while ago that I always waited for my ex husband to start the fire for a braai, when it did not happen on the time that I envisioned a nicely cooked steak I was mad. When I needed a painting or framed photograph put up on a wall I made sure to give clear instructions about spacing and where I would like the hoe in the wall made for mounting. This never happened cause my ex always had ten other things to do or just enough excuses for it to never happen.

What dawned on me (and it might come as a surprise to you that it took so long to figure this out) was that why did I not just do it myself?

Learn how to build your own fire

Get to know the power tools you have in your house and how to use them safely

How to fix a tyre should be compulsory as part of getting your driver's license

Learn how to change a lightbulb - is it a screw in or a clip in and what voltage

All these skills can come in real handy. I have read up about the various advantageous of learning a new skill and the list is endless:

It boosts confidence

It keeps you healthy and your brain ticking

It helps you be flexible in every situation

It can benefit not only yourself but others

And my old time favourite:

It can boost your happiness!!

 “It was thought for a long time that a person’s baseline happiness couldn’t be lifted. It turns out that you can keep influencing your level of happiness. As you learn a new skill, you can boost it. You won’t be euphoric all the time, but you’ll lift your sense of well-being.”

So what are you waiting for?

Remember Youtube is one of the best sources with limitless "How to" videos. Why not start today, and if you fail take a big sip of your wine and start again. If all else fails contact a skilled person to show you the ropes. You got this!

"Once you stop living you start dying."

- Albert Einstein

PS If all of the above is already skills you have mastered, I salute you.

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