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Me - the extended version

My name is Madel Fourie. Shit what a journey. I have been officially divorced since December 2022. The 22nd of December to be precise. My conservative, Afrikaans parents came and held my hand as we sat on the court benches. Still so surreal, I have never ever felt so grateful to have them next to me. Not for a second did I think I would find myself in this position. To be honest, I never used to be the girl that wanted to get married and have the white picket fence and stock images of a perfect family. But this ... it did not sit well with me. I am a never-say-die kinda girl, dedication is part of my DNA. I always do everything according to the law and have a good reputation for keeping my promises. All my friends know I am a dependable, loyal and level headed individual.

BUT ...

Sometimes in your life you have to make super tough decisions. It will scare you, it will cause many tears and levels of anxiety that's unmeasurable, but to grow is not easy. You cannot grow if you don't move, you are not a tree. You are beautifully and wonderfully made, you have the ability to do anything beyond your wildest dreams. Just make a decision, a life changing. We have one life to live, and if you are not living your best life, it is time to change direction. It is never too late! Always remember that. Never.

My name is Madel Fourie and I am 43 years old with three beautiful kids aged 4, 10, 11. I live in the platteland and will be jobless in 4 weeks. I am not scared, no more crying and no more anxiety. I got this!

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